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People of Mexican heritage make up one of San Diego’s largest communities, yet we don’t have a physical presence at Balboa Parks International Cottages, which represent countries and cultures throughout the world.

Why is having a cottage important? Well, it’s a wonderful way to promote our beautiful history, culture, and traditions by embracing each others diversity. Your support is needed to build our “Casita” and share, celebrate, and promote the rich art, culture and history of Mexico with San Diego and its visitors.

We are now at our home stretch to begin construction of a House of Mexico cottage later this year. With the help of our members and friends we have raised $115,000 of our $265,000 goal. We still have a ways to go and we can only make it with your support! We need to raise the remaining funds by early summer to proceed with the construction. All donations help! Please help us by donating and spreading the word as well as sharing this with all of your friends and family regardless of where they live. This “Casita” is for all to share and feel proud of our wonderful culture. Thank you! The House of Mexico is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible. Help spread the word!